Administrative Services

New Look Business Centre can provide you with professional, courteous administrative services Vancouver including those listed below. Find out what’s included in our office packages, or just contact us to take advantage of these services a la carte.

Benefits of Using Administrative Services Vancouver

Hiring someone to take care of your administrative duties means executives can use extra hours to focus on their business goals and strategy rather than worrying about small task details.

Administrative staff are some of the most valuable people to have on payroll. They can do everything from small things like calendar management to more project based work (and everything in between). 

Hiring someone to take care of administrative duties keeps office and operations running smoothly. Administrative assistants can create standard operating procedures (SOPs) that will see your productivity increase tremendously.

Administrative assistants and virtual assistants can help with: 

  • email management
  • meeting coordination
  • document preparation
  • minutes and note preparation
  • billing and receivables management
  • document preparation and publishing
  • newsletter publishing
  • template and document creation.

When it comes to finding that right fit, you will need someone who is adaptable, quick to learn, trustworthy and able to work autonomously. 

It might be hard at first to let go of responsibilities but in time, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Call us to get in touch with New Look Business Services to book administrative services Vancouver, for office suite rental Vancouver and more. 

Print & Copy Services

  • Colour Laser Printing up to 11 x 17
  •  High Volume Scanning
  • Photocopying: Letter, Legal, or 11 x 17

Print & Copy Services

  • Word processing and general secretarial services
  • Got a special project? Let us help you with Ibico Binding.

Mailing and Shipping Services

  • Courier: we can arrange local or overnight, at competitive rates
  • Postage and regular mail services

Fax Services

  • E-fax with your own private fax number
  •  Standard fax

Support Services

  • Secretarial and general admin services
  • Computer & tech support (see Tech Info)

We look forward to helping you with administrative services Vancouver! We also offer meeting room rentals VancouverExecutive office rentals Vancouver and more.